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PRAISE is a group of Piedmont parents who work collaboratively with the Piedmont Unified School District & other parent organizations, to support and raise awareness for families whose children have special education needs.

“It is important to remind people that “special” needs (like education) are not really “special”- they are the same needs and rights that every person should enjoy- the delivery specifics are what’s different.”
Shannon de Roches Rosa

Upcoming Events

  • Thursday, 10 January 2019 IEP Workshop

    In January, PRAISE will kick off its Neurodiversity Speaker Series with an IEP workshop for
    parents, led by special-needs advocate Lilian P. Ansari.

  • Monday, 19 March 2018 The Lenses We Look Through

    An evening to think about how lenses and labels affect lives. An evening to share thoughts about the ways we discover, describe and support the interests, talents, challenges and needs of our children...

Support Praise

PRAISE is a group of Piedmont parents that actively supports families with children with special needs.


Neurodiversity Chart
What is Neurodiversity?
Neurodiversity refers to the idea that neurological differences (like those that occur in autism, learning disabilities, and developmental disorders) are part of the normal spectrum of human experience, and contribute positively to the cultural landscape. Studies show that such learning differences affect as many as 1 in 5 people. A greater awareness of neurodiversity not only helps to prevent discrimination, it opens us up to the many benefits of diversity and inclusion.
Neurodiversity in Our Schools
Studies show that the teaching techniques developed to help students with learning differences have a positive impact on all students. These include differentiated learning, multisensory approaches, social skills development, and executive functioning strategies. Equity in public education for all types of learners is guaranteed by law and supported by public funds, as well as by teams of trained staff at every public school.

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If you are new to receiving Special Education services in Piedmont please download our free Parent Handbook filled with great information.

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Support Praise

PRAISE is a group of Piedmont parents that actively supports families with children with special needs.

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